Debbie Lynn

Engaged HHS for Facebook and IG ads

Generated $1.4m in 12 months & $2.5m over 2 years.

0 X
at Scale
50 X
Revenue growth In 12 Months
$ 200 k
sales Month
$ 20 k
sales Day

About Client / Campaign

Debbie Lynn sell stylish, innovative and unique coloring products. To enable their consumers to “Create the World Around You”.

This is a wonderful example of scaling a tiny little business to multiple 7-figures online. Using the power of Facebook and Instagram ads.

Problem / Goal

Debbie Lynn had a fantastic and creative product. It received a great reception selling via retail. 

But, before coming to us, they’d never sold online before!

Sure, there was some dabbling. Like spending $100 a day on ads. However, they didn’t know how to push it, or actually bring in a significant volume of sales.

Their main goal was to assess the viability of selling online. Because they had doubts about their ability to translate retail success to online success.

Opportunities We Discovered

Low average order value. Their main product sold for $19.99.

Only offering products as standalone purchases. No bundles.

No use of special
promotions to generate sales.


Increased AOV 50%

With smart bundling and up-sells. Which gave us more spending power on ads. Crucial for hitting our first 6-figure month (after only 90 days).

Engaging Creative (FB & IG)

Combined video with image and collection ads. Made their unique products pop out of the newsfeed. Attracting a flood of new buyers.

Email Marketing

Added 20% to their monthly revenue.


Started diversifying their traffic to other channels. After we hit $1m in revenue.

Landing Pages / Specials

Created dedicated landing pages to promote special offers. For example... “poster of the month”.

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