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From $3k to $50k a Day

Starting at $3k a day ($90k a month) to $1.5 MILLION months in 5 months! πŸš€πŸš€

Over $300k a Month

Starting at $20k a month 9 months earlier! πŸš€Β 

Over $900k a Month

Starting at $250k a month 3 months earlier! πŸ’°Β 

$150k Extra In 60 Days

More than 160% increase in sales in 60 days! Starting at $280k…πŸ’°Β 

First Β£1 Million Year

And over 40% growth compared to the previous year!

"Heavy Head Social say "83% of our clients see revenue double in less than 90 days". Numbers don't lie, and this statement alone helped persuade me to work with them. Although I was very skeptical. I'm happy to say they smoked this target. They helped double our monthly revenue within 60 days of working together. There's no sign of slowing down either. Thanks to everyone on the team at HHS! I'm really excited to achieve some explosive growth this year."
Founder - Olympvs

The First $100k Day

A 100% increase on the previous record day! πŸ’°Β 

A $50k Week

After 3 weeks of working together! πŸš€Β 

The First 6-Figure Month

And over 245% increase in revenue within 60 days!

Over 50% Increase in Sales

And first non sales Β£100k+ month! πŸš€Β 

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Some More Results!


Achieving 7.6x ROAS from Facebook and Instagram Ads and over $1M in revenue


Revenue Generated


ROAS Facebook & Instagram



Over $700k of additional revenue in 90 days at a 6x+ ROAS







Increased sales by 533% within first 5 months


Ad Spend Managed Profitably


ROI on Advertising



Increased monthly sales with an average of 200%


Total Sales in 90 Days


Record Sales Day



An additional 10,200 new customers generated within 4 months


Additional Sales from Facebook


Record Revenue Day

Izzy 1


An additional 10,200 new customers generated within 4 months


MER (a 100% increase)


Revenue Increase in

"From the first call with Heavy Head Social I could tell they really knew what they were talking about. They have experience, they know what they are doing, and they work hard to get results. They understand business and have a genuine desire for us to succeed. That has made all the difference in working with them. Highly recommend Heavy Head Social to anyone looking to take their paid social to the next level! "
Steve Merrill
CEO - Bella Ella Boutique

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