Engaged Heavy Head Social for Facebook & Instagram Ads. 
Generated $1.3m in 4 months

4 X
record sales day
$ 40 k
Revenue Generated
$ 0.5 M

About Client / Campaign

Grass-Fields offer high quality and ethically made African inspired fashion. Their vibrant products were perfect for social media.

This campaign centered around clever promotional strategies. Resulting in some dramatic sales days. 

We now utilize some of the same breakthrough methods in other campaigns.  

Problem / Goal

Grass fields came to us from another agency. They weren’t spending enough on ads to generate any real impact (only $7k per month). 

They had a bigger goal: Generating $1M+ in sales from Facebook and Instagram ads. 

Doing that in a short period of time requires an airtight strategy and funnels. Ramping up ad spend without those in place will result in disaster. 


Opportunities We Discovered

Offers and creatives that looked promising for rapid scale on cold traffic

Funnels were not set up properly. And their website conversion rate was a measly 0.8%

Fixing the supply chain so it could handle increased demand

No prior use of flash sales, new collection launches or prewarming audiences


4 Stage Fashion Accelerator Funnel

To prepare for a high level of ad spend.

Creative Testing System

Needed to test a lot. Spent 10% of daily budget consistently testing creatives.

Product Pages vs Collections Pages

Split traffic between these for diversification in traffic and the different stock levels between products.

Breakthrough 1: Flash Sales

Our pre Black Friday strategy generated $100k in a single day.

Breakthrough 2: New Collection Launches

Pre-warmed Audiences. Building suspense helped us achieve $30 - 40K launch days.

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