Engaged HHS for FB ads and Brand Strategy Increased Sales 3.5x In 30 Days
$ 0 k
sales increase in 30 days
10 %
↑ ROAS Increase
1 Months
broke yearly sales record

About Client / Campaign

Knotten is a Dutch brand who sell knitting materials.

They’d run ads before. But didn’t have any funnels. The focus of this campaign was to get their ad account and funnel in order.

" So, here's my review about HHS Q I have an e-commerce agency and I am a e-commerce shop owner. Just like some others here we have been handling our FB ads for years by ourselves. Fun and learned a lot. Even made some nice ROAS. But we just were not able to scale our account and maintain ROAS, I think this is an often heard problem / challenge. So we asked Christiaan and his team to step in. We know there are many cowboys out there, but these guys know their numbers. Of course, especially in this challenging times, it is not always easy to maintain ROAS and scale, but here comes what I like the most: Very pro-actively HHS scales up and down with budget, so we do not lose unnecessary money to Mark Z (wo Also the level of professionalism, with the right tools and the always very helpful weekly updates makes working with HHS a No-Brainer. Highly recommended! Thanks Christiaan, J, R, J and H "
Bob Rockland

Problem / Goal

The biggest problem in their ad-account was the funnel setup.

Performance was reasonable, but only at low ad-spend. They hit a barrier at $250. Spending any more than that resulted in negative ROI.

The goal was to scale to 6-figure months. They’d never done a 6-figure month before, and wanted to see if it was possible.

We smashed that goal in our first month together.

Opportunities We Discovered

(60%) repeat customer rate. Not bringing enough new buyers into the business.

Not launching or promoting new styles


4 Step Fashion Accelerator Funnel

Generated massive returns (7x) with launches / retargeting. Their customer base grew 200% in one month.

Launching Weekly Styles

These brought new customers and audiences into the business. Decreasing their repeat customer rate to 33% (from 60%) after 30 days. So new buyers represented a larger portion of sales.

Email Marketing

Targeted specific email segments on Facebook. Then further lifted returns with Klaviyo flows.

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