Love Amber X

Engaged Heavy Head Social for Facebook and Instagram ads.
And Tripled Sales In 90 Days

100 %
Revenue growth
in 90 days
110 %
Increase in
traffic to store

About Client / Campaign

Love Amber X sell baltic amber jewellery. For kids and adults. 

They were playing it safe with Facebook ads. Only using retargeting. Hesitant to push it because of low profit margins.

This campaign is a great example of what you can do on a small budget. 

Problem / Goal

Love Amber X were struggling to make advertising work; due to low margins. Which is very uncommon in the jewellery market.

Their goal was to get a better return on advertising. 

We had to be lean and strategic to get sales for £2 (ad spend) per purchase.

Opportunities We Discovered

Website optimization. Their conversion rates were fairly low across the board.

Cheaper traffic in different countries. Targeting the UK alone was limiting their success.

High value lookalike audiences based on both value and repeat purchases.


Short Funnels

To get sales fast. Essential for small budget advertising. We created “minimum viable funnels” with a focus on front-end sales.

Segmented Retargeting

Got them to over 10x return from segmented audience retargeting.

Dynamic Product Ads

Increased probability of visitors returning to site and purchasing products.

Website Conversion Optimization

To reduce the CPA and make ads ROI positive.

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