Are You Ready For A Season Change?

The intense summer heat has started to dim, the wind has become a bit crisper and the mornings a little chillier. As Autumn and Fall unfold, the world begins to replace their sundowners for the cosy indoors and staying closer to the fire. 

This transitional time of the year means everyone is already starting to think about winter layering, soft fabrics, and cosy coffee dates. While they get excited about some of the much-loved, fast-approaching holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Like every year in fashion eCommerce brands have been busy running massive summer and clearance sales as they make way for their much anticipated new Autumn / Fall 2021 collection launches. This is reflected in marketing as well, with colourful autumnal images and videos flooding the internet and innovative new features such as virtual try-ons and fitting rooms. All of these aim to enhance the online shopping experience and make shopping from the comfort of your home more appealing. 


The shift from Summer to Winter brings exciting opportunities for brands as we transition into a time of the year when AOV is naturally higher. Similarly, winter layering means opportunities for upsells and the gifting season is just around the corner! All of this means opportunities for higher profits, as brands can draw in more revenue with their marketing efforts for similar costs.

To many of us, Black Friday and Cyber Monday seem so far away, however, we’ve already started prepping. We know how competitive this year is going to be, and how important this time of year really is to our clients with their biggest months of the year yet to come.

(P.S. keep an eye on emails as there is more to come from us Black Friday soon!)

Copy of Hoodie_Jet_Black_03

This week during our meticulous prep and while planning everything out week by week in our calendars we realised something! Something very important!

For those of you who know a thing or two about us, you’ll know we are a boutique agency and always hold limited spaces for new onboardings to ensure the best experience and service possible for each and every one of our clients. 

And this week we realised we only have 6 more onboarding spaces left between now and the end of the year! 

This means that we only have room to work with and create big successes for a maximum of 6 more brands. And our Q4 cut off date for new onboardings will be at the beginning of October as from then on we begin to focus solely on Black Friday and Christmas prep for our clients. 

Something we felt we must share with you as we would hate you to miss out! 

So, if you’re like us, and are already thinking about how best to take your brand forward into this critical time of the sales year then speak to us about how we can help you prep and boost your business so you’ll have a record year in 2021. 

This is our favourite time of the year at HHS and we are starting to get really excited about the months ahead! It’s when we thrive, it’s what our team lives for, what they are made for, and what they have been training for all year! 💪