Klaviyo for Fashion eCommerce

Email marketing with Klaviyo, at its core, is essential to any eCommerce business. It allows online stores to reach a wider audience, nurture subscribers, and increase their overall revenue by 20%+. 

Being in the fashion eCommerce industry, it’s even more important to find a service provider that has the ability to provide you with the data you need to succeed. This success comes in the form of being able to track a variety of customer behaviours to make your emails as personalised as possible. 

If you have the right people, it’s simple and easy to set up and has the ability to be both a passive and active form of income. This is due to automations and weekly campaigns that you’ll find yourself regularly sending out. 

For us, we manage many different and diverse clients. For this reason, we use Klaviyo to help us manage all of them simultaneously. In our latest blog post you’ll find out why we’ve chosen Klaviyo for email marketing. 


Benefits of Klaviyo 

There are many email marketing platforms available to eCommerce businesses. These include, but are not limited to, Klaviyo, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and Omnisend. 

To manage all of our clients, we use Klaviyo for email marketing due to many different factors. One is the fact that Klaviyo leads the way in the fashion eCommerce space, the other is simply ease of use and personal preference. However, it’s good to experiment with different platforms to see what works for you. 

Below, we’ll go through a few of the reasons why Klaviyo for email marketing works for us. 

Ease of use

Upon accessing the Klaviyo UI, it’s easy to familiarise yourself with it. It only takes a few minutes to navigate to where campaigns and flows live and the builder gives you a few options to suit your preference. These include HTML, text-based and drag and drop emails. 

With many other email marketing systems, a major sticking point is the how and where. In Klaviyo, these issues don’t really exist as everything you want to do is right there and simple to understand. This includes segmentation and integrations. 

Creating signup forms, saving email templates and getting the ball rolling on your email marketing journey doesn’t have much of a learning curve but if you’d like some assistance then their Help Center is a click away with concise articles. 

Variety of pre-built flows 

Once you’ve mastered the interface, you’ll want to create your first pop-up and get people into your flows. In Klaviyo, there are a wide variety of pre-built flows such as Welcome Series, Abandoned Cart, Browse Abandonment, VIP, Win Back etc. These all allow you to reach different audiences based on their behaviour on your site of social channels/ads. 

Again, this points to the ease of use you get with Klaviyo. Even if you’re new to email marketing, their standard, pre-built flows allows you to get a few essentials set up without too much hassle. This, in turn, leads to you making sales with the click of a few buttons. 

Customer Segmentation 

Another standout aspect of Klaviyo is the simplicity of its customer segmentation. A few other platforms aren’t as easy to use as Klaviyo, especially in terms of segmentation. 

Klaviyo allows us to target the most engaged of the email list to increase the health score of the account and give us the best chance of making sales. It’s also well ahead of many of its competitors in terms of servicing online stores. 

Here are just some of the filters you can use to help segment your email list:

  • People who buy specific types of products
  • People who only buy full price
  • People who purchase only with coupons
  • People who purchase only on certain days

This is where segmentation is the most powerful as you can send different types of people targeted campaigns based on their buying behaviour and preferences when it comes to your brand. 

Expertly managing segmentation is crucial to the ongoing success of your brand via email marketing, especially if your aim is customer retention and repeat buying. 

Data collection 

Segmentation is not the only way to target customers and collect data about them. Today, we’re fixated on personalisation, so if we’re able to collect a lot of info on our customers then we can expertly personalise their experience.

This can come in the form of pop-ups, offers and using campaigns to find out what your customers prefer in terms of your products. Klaviyo has a host of ways this data can be collected to engage your customers further down their journey.

Flexible pricing 

One of the main features that helps Klaviyo stand out in the price point. Many email marketing services for online stores can include high prices or hidden costs as they expand. However, we know that our clients are always on the lookout for more bang for their buck. 

Klaviyo offers unlimited email plans based around how many subscribers you have and how many of them you’d like your campaigns to reach. 

The end result is a plan that won’t hurt your budget and high ROI when you team up with an email marketing expert. You can even choose to be on a free plan while you get to grips with the system.

Klaviyo Academy 

To take things a step further, you can sign up to the Klaviyo Academy and complete their courses that offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses. These will get you familiar with many of the ways you can optimise Klaviyo to boost your online store sales. 

However, there is always the option of teaming up with an agency as you’ll find that email marketing and setting up a content plan can take up a lot of time and energy. 

Everyone would like 20%+ more revenue but you need to put in the work to achieve this. An agency with their own email marketing expert can take all of that off your hands and offer high amounts of value to your eCommerce business with Klaviyo.

Klaviyo Silver Partner

For brands working with us, they get the benefit of us being a Klaviyo Silver Partner. This means that we have direct links to Klaviyo’s Customer Success Managers who help facilitate their and our growth. 

How does it facilitate our growth? As a result, we have access to key learnings and trainings that, in turn, help our brands because we’re always on the quest for knowledge through upskilling and honing our current ones.