Review of Shopify’s eCommerce Trends for 2022

Shopify has recently released its Future of Commerce Trend Report for 2022 in order to help marketers and brand owners navigate the ever-changing landscape of eCommerce. 

The 139-page report outlines what Shopify sees as becoming the future of eCommerce and includes recommendations regarding what anyone involved needs to be aware of. 

You can download the pdf here, however, if you want a brief summary we outline the main talking points in this article. 

Shopify Trends Report

To start off, they identify that the only constant is change, and that spending habits are shifting. This includes how people buy from brands due to geography, company values, and sustainability. 

The overarching point is that trust is the main currency today. While personalisation is important, there are even instances where too much is bad. People are losing trust in brands quicker than ever. 

Coupled with how advertising costs are going up, deep meaningful relationships are more important than ever. If a brand can’t achieve this then it will struggle to get lifetime value and brand loyalty out of its customers.

And with how fierce competition is, with more online retailers than ever, customer retention is key to success. 

The main topics the report focuses on is the future of eCommerce, future of retail and future of shipping and logistics.

Each section takes a deep dive into the emerging and most promising trends, gives recommendations on how to succeed, and then explains how Shopify can help.  

The Future of eCommerce looks at: 

  • Rising acquisition costs forcing brands to foster long-term relationships with their customers 
  • The end of third-party cookies forcing a rethink of personalisation
  • New commercial opportunities on social platforms

The Future of Retail anticipates: 

  • Digitally native brands driving retail competition 
  • Omnichannel shopping in a post-pandemic world
  • The reimagining of retail staff

The Future of Shipping and Logistics looks at: 

  • A permanent remodeling of shipping and fulfillment 
  • Social and environment impact being key 
  • More transparency around delivery times means more customer retention

In conclusion

The report is full of invaluable information and insights. However, being a performance marketing agency, the most interesting aspects are to do with customer retention and social commerce. 

We all need to imagine a world where live shopping is the new reality. As a result, our role is more important than ever in how we guide brands and implement strategies that will help them to succeed. 

Marketers need to introduce brands to these emerging trends and aid them in being early adopters rather than being behind the curve. If we can do that then the possibilities are limitless. 

If you want to take a more in-depth look then download the report here and if you’re a brand thinking about the future of eCommerce then book a call with us today.