Brand marketing: a new brand vs an existing one

In the world of performance marketing, we handle all types of brand marketing. Mostly, our clients are either starting to grow and looking for experts who know how to scale or unhappy with their previous agency. Performance marketing, in short, is? brand marketing based on metrics. In the past, it was easier for agencies to […]

First Steps into the Metaverse

If you’ve been paying attention to the (sometimes scary) technological advances in the world today then you’ve surely come across the term “metaverse”. it’s safe to say that this concept or idea has gained so much traction that Facebook has decided to call itself Meta. As a result, you may have also encountered stories about […]

The Benefits of Combined Marketing

For any retail or online store that incorporates digital marketing into their strategy, it’s always important to have a deep understanding of the channels that you will communicate with your audience, and a combined marketing strategy is essential if you want to reach your desired audience.  Combined marketing, also known as multi-channel or omnipresent marketing, […]

What to expect from marketing in 2022

We know that you probably hear this every year, but we’re serious when we say that marketing in 2022 is going to be nothing that you’ve ever seen before. Digital marketing trends in 2022 are about to show a new side of marketing we didn’t think was possible a few years ago, and introduce us […]

Black Friday Fever: Black Friday Strategies

Black Friday is nearly here and we’re all, admittedly, gripped by Black Friday Fever, making a concerted effort to implement Black Friday strategies in the run-up to the big weekend. We understand how important it is to be prepared for Black Friday, to be able to deliver the best for our clients, so, we thought […]

Are You Ready For A Season Change?

The intense summer heat has started to dim, the wind has become a bit crisper and the mornings a little chillier. As Autumn and Fall unfold, the world begins to replace their sundowners for the cosy indoors and staying closer to the fire. This transitional time of the year means everyone is already starting to […]

iOS 14.5 Attribution + MER Update

Since Apple rolled out its iOS 14.5 privacy update, more people have updated their phones and the impact this is having on attributed sales and digital marketing has become clearer. Equally as important is the role that the marketing efficiency ratio, discussed here (link), plays and is going to play in the future. The Current […]

What is marketing efficiency ratio (MER) and using it in eCommerce

Many agencies will have been anticipating changes to analytics once iOS 14.5 is rolled out, and as a result, we’re looking at new metrics like marketing efficiency ratio. As an advertising agency specialising in Facebook ads for eCommerce we have been waiting for the rollout for months. This update is an important one, as with […]

The 4 Secrets to Content Marketing for eCommerce

Google has recently announced that it will be following Apple’s iOS 14.5 update and implementing its own privacy and use of information procedures for Android that will require users to opt-in before receiving marketing from brands and businesses. This also means that ad tracking on Android will be next to impossible if a user chooses […]

5 Strategies for Customer Segmentation in E-Commerce You Might Not Have Thought Of

When you first set up your eCommerce business, did you spend hours pouring over target audience worksheets, building the perfect customer avatar for your company? Maybe you even gave them a name and stuck a picture on your pinboard to help you focus on your customers as you developed products and marketing messaging for your […]