Best Shopify Apps for Your eCommerce Store

When managing online stores it’s good to know what the best Shopify apps are so that you can give your eCommerce business the best chance of succeeding. 

There are a whole lot of Shopify apps to choose from, so it’s good to know which ones agencies like ourselves use and what they’re capable of. 

As a general rule, the Shopify apps that we aim to enabling on our sites are ones aimed at: 

Website Conversation Rate Optimisation 

Email and SMS apps 

Miscellaneous Shopify apps with distinct features


Below you will find a list of the best Shopify Apps we are currently using for our clients.

Website Conversion Rate Optimization 

These Shopify apps are used to boost sales and to improve customer journey experience.

  1. ReConvert

This is an upsell and Cross-sell app with implementation is on the order page. This app also helps to increase AOV

  1. Rebuy Personalization Engine

This is another upsell and Cross-sell app. Unlike ReConvert, the implementation of this app is on the homepage, product page, add-to-cart page, and checkout. 

  1. ReCart: SMS and Messenger

This particular app is good to automate SMS and messenger to customers. It works especially well when targeting abandoned carts and first time buyers. 

  1. Free Shipping Bar

With this app, free shipping is automated when customers reach the threshold. 

This is handy and encourages buyers to buy more in order to get free shipping. There is a banner that visitors can see and will show real-time how much more they need to spend to qualify for free shipping.

Email and SMS Apps

These are slightly different from regular apps as they simply give Shopify the ability to integrate with CRM systems. 

For email (and in some cases SMS), our provider of choice is Klaviyo due to its ease of use and high quality segmentation and data collection. 

In terms of SMS, we mostly use Postscript and SMSBump. However, Klaviyo also offers SMS so some clients who prefer everything in one place choose this option. Whatever you choose, you need to familiarise yourself with the features and capabilities as these vary.

Aside from website CRO and email and SMS apps, there are other’s apps that we are using to help the business owner and customer experience in other ways.

  1. Loox and product reviews – Collect reviews from customers
  2. AfterPay and Sezzle – Buy now, pay later options
  3. Flexify – For product catalog integration to Facebook
  4. Zapier – Report automation (Offline Conversions)
  5. Schema App – for SEO purposes and tracking

These are just a few of the Shopify apps available to you and the ones we mostly prefer to use. Store optimisation is important to improve the customer experience and make it as personalised as possible. 

If you arent using any of these apps, then we suggest that you try them out and see what they do for your store. 

Too busy to learn and monitor all of these apps? We have dedicated team members who have expert knowledge of them! Why not book a call and find out how we can help you.