Fashion Brand Founders & CEO's

Want to profitably grow your ecommerce fashion brand to multiple 6 or 7-figures a month this year?

We help fashion & beauty brands add 30% to 200% of revenue in as short as 90 days with our omnipresent Fashion Growth Framework™.

It's all about the results.

Profitable growth is the number 1 priority of our clients. They trust us to create and execute the strategy to get them there. 


Achieving 7.6x ROAS from Facebook & Instagram Ads and over $1.3M in revenue.


Revenue Increase



Sullen Clothing

An additional 10,200 new customers generated within 4 months.


Revenue Increase


Record Sales Day


Increased sales by 533% within first 5 months of working together.


Ad Spend Increase



Bella Ella Boutique

Increased monthly revenue with an average of 200%.


Revenue Increase


Record Sales Day


Over $700k of additional revenue in 90 days at a 6x+ ROAS.


Revenue Increase



Candy Coat

An 1800% increase of Facebook & Instagram sales.


Revenue Increase



OOSC Clothing

Year on year increase in sales of 78% compared to the previous year.


Meta Sales Increase


Email Sales increase

"Heavy Head Social say "83% of our clients see revenue double in less than 90 days". Numbers don't lie, and this statement alone helped persuade me to work with them. Although I was very skeptical. I'm happy to say they smoked this target. They helped double our monthly revenue within 60 days of working together. There's no sign of slowing down either. Thanks to everyone on the team at HHS! I'm really excited to achieve some explosive growth this year."
Founder - Olympvs

With $20+ Million In Facebook™, Instagram™ & TikTok Ad Spend We Have Grown Brands To Levels They Could Only Dream Of!

Let’s face it. Fashion eCommerce is different. Strategies that work when you have a single/few SKU product store simply don’t work for fashion brands…

Creatives that push on pain points? Another thing that doesn’t work… 


As an advertising agency specialising in fashion eCommerce, with over 45 years of actual fashion experience, we know what works for your brand! 


Our Fashion Growth Framework combines powerful strategies, tailored specifically to your brand and the way you buy your products, with world-class media buying and creative on platforms like Facebook & Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest. 

We combine that further with AOV optimisation and LTV maximisation through email and SMS.


Everything is done with 1 goal in mind. Getting you the fastest and most profitable growth for your fashion brand. 


You focus on what you do best, building your brand, and let us do what we do best, scaling it!

Brands we've partnered with.

Client Result Snapshots

We’ll let the numbers do the talking…

25x Growth in 3 Months

From $2,000 a Day to $50,000 a Day ($1.5m+ Months)  in 3 Months! 🚀 

15x Growth in 9 Months

Over $300k in sales within 9 months (this brand started at $20k with us!) 🚀 

3x Growth in 3 Months

Over $900k in sales and two $100k days and over 300% growth in 3 months.

4x Growth first 90 Days

Over $300k Monthly Sales and a 438% increase in the first 90 days!

2.4x Growth first 30 Days

Close to $100k in Sales 246% Growth in the first 30 days 🚀 

Ready To Take Your Store To The Next Level?

"From the first call with Heavy Head Social I could tell they really knew what they were talking about. They have experience, they know what they are doing, and they work hard to get results. They understand business and have a genuine desire for us to succeed. That has made all the difference in working with them. Highly recommend Heavy Head Social to anyone looking to take their paid social to the next level! "
Steve Merrill
CEO - Bella Ella Boutique

How We Help You Grow

These are the services we use to build your marketing machine. Sometimes less. Sometimes more. Whatever is needed to get you the best results bottom line. 

True growth is what happens when you look at the strategy as a whole, not just a single channel.

eCommerce Strategy

We create an airtight strategy. Based around our audit, research and your brand and KPIs. A clear path on how to reach your goals sustainably and increase sales profitably for the months to come.

Social Media Advertising

Daily management and optimisation of your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest ad account. Our expert team has managed more than $20 million in ad spend profitably.

Google Advertising

With Performance Max, Google Ads has turned into a powerhouse that needs to be part of any strategy. From Search to Shopping to top of funnel Performance Max campaigns. We can help you grow profitably.

Creative Design & Optimisation

We know what works best for Paid Social Ads & Email. Even better, we know what generates sales. We’ll create what we need using your existing assets. And if more content is needed, we assist in that as well!

Email & SMS Marketing

Accelerate long term growth with Email and SMS Marketing. Our automations and campaigns will amplify your ads. More importantly, they will boost the bottom-line profitability of your brand.


In a post-iOS14.5 age analysis and 'making sense of data' is more important than ever. Our custom reporting and data-driven focus gives you clarity and helps your brand to continue to scale.

Our Partners

We are Facebook, TikTok, Klaviyo Silver and Shopify Partners. Our methods stay up-to-date and cutting edge. Because we’re kept in the loop. Meaning your campaigns always compete at the highest level.


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