OOSC: 78% Year on Year Growth


Ski Apparel


Facebook & Instagram, TikTok, Email & SMS

Meta Sales Growth Year on year
100 %
Increase in Sales In 6 Months
100 %

About Client / Campaign

OOSC Clothing is a skiwear brand whose drive and passion is to bring fun and colour back to the mountains, in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

Set up by two University friends, Nick & Aaron, the business was started in 2014 with the goal of combining their love of après and skiing with an old-school product – the ski suit. A product that they felt wasn’t as exciting or representative of fun and thrilling nature of the sport itself. 

And with one eye on a sustainable future, their outerwear is made from recycled polyester made from plastic bottles. Showing a careful consideration for the impact that they have on the environment they love enjoying. 

What does this culminate in? Epic designs fused with recycled, waterproof & breathable, technical fabrics as the core concept behind their vision; providing a contemporary alternative to modern ski and snowboard attire.

Whilst staying true to the brand’s roots, OOSC strives to become a leading name in retro-infused sportswear fashion and the go-to brand for riders and Après-lovers worldwide

Problem / Goal

Prior to starting with us, paid social spending had been much lower. They had decent returns but the brand wanted to scale the account and push for consistently high growth year over year. 

Overall, their sales were reliant on Facebook/Instagram, organic sales and internal email marketing. However, with the brand expanding and their lofty ambitions, it became apparent that to grow more efficiently it would require outsourcing the marketing work and focusing on the brand itself.

Similarly, they had high stock as they were entering peak ski season, so there was a need for a digital agency that could scale them.

There was also a lot of untapped potential with email that they wanted to access by building the list size and making the audience more engaged through automated flows and consistent weekly campaigns. However, this also required a lot of internal work and attention that would be better utilised elsewhere. 

Overall, the initial focus was to increase the spending efficiency ahead of the bigger months that were to come. We needed to get off to a strong start as we entered the key months (and sales moments) of Black Friday, December, January, and February.

“We were already well aware that as the Northern Hemisphere entered winter we could help this brand to thrive.”


We were already well aware that as the Northern Hemisphere entered winter we could help this brand to thrive. They had already shown strong sales the previous year that helped us to remain confident that we could provide them with results that were exponentially higher this time around. 

There were also a number of untapped marketing channels such as TikTok and SMS where we knew of a combined marketing strategy from past experiences with our other clients. 

Firstly, we quickly identified that TikTok was an excellent fit for the brand due to the fun-natured videos that they were organically producing either via TikTok or on their other social media. This served as the platform for us to create engaging content and help expand their global reach on the fastest growing social media platform in the world. 

Next, while they had started using SMS marketing on Attentive, one of our preferred SMS providers, there were still ways to exponentially improve on the results such as increasing lead generation efforts, adding regular weekly campaigns, and introducing a dedicated account for their US-based customers as they had previously only targeted the UK.

Finally, by increasing their spending on paid social we knew that we could start scaling the brand exponentially in early November & December compared to the previous year. They were also in the process of introducing dedicated websites in 4 regions (UK, USA, EU, AUS & NZ) that made the process more complex but would present the opportunity for us to grow the USA and EU from the ground up.


Our overall means to solve the above problems were to focus our efforts on where we could grow and improve META, TikTok, and email & SMS.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

To kick things off, our initial focus was on what we could do differently on META through scaling ad spending while still in the agreed MER target. And from the first day we were able to effectively maximise revenue for this brand. 

We did this by working out what creatives worked best for the brand, and making use of OOSC’s videos that outperformed most images, even from an ROI perspective as videos normally cost more to advertise.

We also tested different windows of buying cycles as we know that skiwear isn’t an instant purchase item due to its average selling price. We discovered that 60 day social engagement on ads work best along with View Content for 30 days and anyone who had Added to Cart within 60 days. All of these helped us scale the brand and ensured no money was left on the table.

Furthermore, we used warming campaigns: The brand used high funnel events and lead generation campaigns to warm up audiences before launching their sales, for example, Bright Friday ahead of their BFCM week-long sale.

And increased the testing budget; making this a feature of the funnel so we could test much faster and get faster results.

When implementing TOF ads for the USA for the ski season with its own dedicated website we were able to utilise the best-performing creatives from the UK campaigns to test and get good results with a lesser-known market for this brand

Similarly, by knowing what videos worked well, we were able to adapt these for key sales moments like the Bright Friday sale and the almost 50% off later in Spring that helped boost sales as they were entering their off-peak season.

TikTok Ads

We knew that by introducing Tik Tok we could utilise the cheaper CPMs on this platform compared to Meta. As a result, we spent approx £9,300 over the course of 7 months that equalled an extra 2.5 million impressions. 

Overall, we got around 2x ROAS on this platform. However, the main goal of using TikTok is to help all of the other marketing channels by driving extra impressions and clicks to the website.

Email & SMS

Our first challenge on email was to provide OOSC and their customers with a weekly content calendar that was engaging and an email template that reflected the brand’s colourful and bright nature. 

Through our efforts we were able to find the sweet spot quite quickly that ensured we were well-prepared for theri BFCM week and beyond into their peak season. It was essential to engage their email list leading up to this period and we did so by introducing regular topics such as Ski Suit of the Month and introducing people to different aspects of the brand such as their gymwear. 

As a result, BFCM week was highly successful due to engaging offers and lead generation where we totalled over £80K in 8 days, contributing to over 50% of their overall revenue.

Conversely, SMS was a relatively new channel for OOSC while we have extensive knowledge of how to market on it and on a wide variety of platforms such as Attentive. 

We also leveraged the fact that we needed to start the US market from scratch, but knew that it is much cheaper to operate SMS marketing in the United States, plus the consumer market there is more used to receiving marketing via SMS than regions such as the UK. 

As a result, we were able to generate approx. £387K, around 20% of overall revenue at a high ROI. Around about 65% of attributed revenue came from the Welcome Series that showed the value in a focus on lead gen here.

Overall Results

OOSC had the ambitious goal of growing their brand and becoming one of the major players in the skiwear niche. 

One of the main things that had to happen for this to become a reality was to increase the scale of its spending and through our combined marketing strategy we were able to help them do this by taking it from £2-3k months to £33k months, resulting in significant growth for the business.

In doing so, we were also able to introduce 84% more new customers to their brand in their main market – the UK. 

This exponential, and record-breaking, growth resulted in:

  • Revenue Growth of 529% on Meta compared to the previous year.
  • Email contributing 40% of overall revenue and a 371% increase in sales compared to the previous 6 months.
  • 78% year on year growth

The major successes stem from taking on a semi-established brand with big ideas and even bigger goals so the growth potential was high.

We were able to grow their brand across all of their existing channels and introduce new ones to help the process move along more rapidly than usual. 

To sum up, this shows how important it is to take full advantage of periods where interest is high so that as much revenue is brought in as possible to act as a buffer between peak and off-peak seasons.

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