HOLY PALS: Increased sales in Q4 by 196% compared to the previous year


Kid’s Pajamas


Paid Social & Email

Increased in Facebook Sales
50 %
Pinterest ROAS within 6 months
1 X

About Client / Campaign

Holy Pals is a family-owned business that is focused on giving Christian parents a unique option for their kid’s pajamas. Each pajama design is centered around a different Bible Story. As a result, the Bible is ever-present in their children’s life at home and allows for fun storytime when they ask about the prints.

Their main goal was scaling their sales through increasing awareness of the brand and working people down the funnel. They had found success on a smaller scale but knew they were only scratching the surface of their sizeable target audience in the US.

The brand didn’t have a lot of stock depth at the beginning, however, they were preparing for Q4 and wanted to be set up to scale in order to maximize revenue for the quarter.

Problem / Goal

Prior to starting with us, paid social spending had been low. It had decent returns but the brand wanted to scale the account to push for a lot of growth year over year. 

Sales were mostly reliant on Facebook/Instagram ads and organic, and this presented the opportunity to diversify their channels with Pinterest and Email Marketing in addition to scaling their existing channels. 

Stocks were relatively low when we started working together. They were awaiting the launch of new designs as well as long-sleeve versions of the non-seasonal designs, so the main focus initially was to increase the spending efficiency ahead of the bigger months that were to come.

“We knew from comparing results to last year that Q4 would hold a lot of opportunity for the brand.”


We knew from comparing results to last year that Q4 would hold a lot of opportunity for the brand. Mainly, there was high value in the launch of their long sleeves designs and a Christmas-specifc line that tied in directly with their target audience. 

Secondly, we saw Pinterest was a good fit for the brand due to having a sizeable parental audience in the US, so there was plenty of potential to build this platform up from scratch and diversify their existing channels to help achieve more consistency in performance.

Finally, there was also a lot of untapped potential with email which they wanted to improve on, by building the list size and engaging their new and old audience through automated flows and weekly campaigns.

By leveraging these aspects of the brand we would bring in more first-time customers as well as drive repeat purchases from existing customers and increase Customer Lifetime Value(CLTV) for the brand.


From the start, we worked on making their budget go further, by focusing on increasing MER and building consistency for the brand ahead of the launch of their Christmas collection. In doing so, we were positioned to scale once the new items were launched. 

When the new stock came in, we had already established “what works”, from extensive creative and audience testing as well as our Fashion Framework Funnel setup.

We targeted the US as a whole on some stages of the funnel to reach the Christian audience there, estimated at roughly 210 million, and simultaneously ran more granular targeting focusing on specific locations in the US Bible Belt, which allowed us to reach people in high-density Christian areas. 

Similarly, we used layered targeting to narrow that audience down to Christian parents to reach the most relevant people within their target audience.

Due to supplier-driven delays, a pre-order strategy was implemented in early October to offset the delay and achieved great success on the first week, resulting in their highest ever ROAS & Revenue in 1 week of ads (28x ROAS) as well as the best week ever of email revenue ($40k+). 

Throughout the rest of Q4, we saw an uptick in performance that resulted in a 192% increase in store revenue for the month vs. October 2021, as well as their best Black Friday promotion ever.

Overall Results

Holy Pals started with us with the goal of scaling up into Q4 in order to hit their record sales days and grow their customer-base. 

By adding new sales channels such as Pinterest and implementing our own Facebook/Instagram ads and email marketing strategy we were able to:

  • Increase sales in Q4 by 196% compared to the previous year. 
  • Increase revenue by 206% year over year in November due to a strong Black Friday Strategy which included warming audiences early in November in the lead-up to the promotion.
  • Launch Pinterest as a new channel and drive a 4.15x ROAS from August 22 to February 23 (November overall had 7.28x ROAS).
  • Increase in purchase conversion value by 583% on Facebook from August to February with a 3.5x spend increase year on year.

The main challenge that the brand will face now is keeping consistent performance throughout the year, but with the current strategies in place, it is highly likely that they will be able to maintain decent profits in the lead up to their more popular days. These, of course, include Easter and Q4 where Black Friday and Christmas play an important role in the success of the brand.

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