2022 MER of 8.79x vs 4.31x in 2021




Facebook & Instagram Ads

Marketing Efficient Ratio
1.5 X
MER Increase in 2022 vs 2021
30 %

About Client / Campaign

Izabel London is an award-winning brand, founded with real women in mind, with style that is affordable and doesn’t break the bank.

They’re fashion lovers and have made it their mission to deliver the latest trends to hit the runway, to your doorstep, without compromise.

For each and every order made online, they donate one meal to a school-aged child in the United Kingdom who would otherwise miss a vital meal. They are also proud partners of Fashion 4 Food who work with them to ensure 100% of the donations make a direct and meaningful impact on a school child.

Our overall strategy when working with them was to increase their ROI and turn new customers into repeat customers, increasing customer lifetime value (LTV) and ensuring that they increased their sales year on year.

Problem / Goal

Many fashion eCommerce brands either leave an agency due to difficulty in scaling or are managing ads on their own and find that they hit a plateau. However, they still see the potential that is there if an expert were to take over. 

Izabel’s goal was to get a better return on investment as Facebook was a big source of revenue for them. Their aim was to scale while still improving ROI.

At the same time, they also wanted to find new customers via Facebook and Instagram. 


Brand new customers mean that the brand is growing and Izabel is then able to re-engage these new customers using marketing channels such as email. 

Finally, was a need for extensive product testing to find out which products were best sellers. Once we had this info, we could help them justify buying bigger volumes and increase the amount of fashion in popular categories.

“After our full-scale audit of the account, we saw that they didn’t have a proper account structure and creative testing framework.”


Izabel was running DPAs on their own and hit a plateau.

We noticed that they had no proper funnel structure, their catalogue was not managed properly and there was no testing framework to find winning creatives that could scale. 

This allowed us to achieve immediate results that enabled us to scale while only having managed their account for a short amount of time. 

Another factor was their extensive range of clothing. This made it easier to do a whole lot of product testing in ads while auditing the store to find the most popular products.

Womenswear fashion is a competitive space on Facebook, but with the price point and an ROI that was already decent, we saw how our knowledge of funnels would give us an edge when focusing on scaling.

Similarly, a lack of specific messaging for returning customers meant it was harder for them to re-engage and elicit another purchase.  


Following our audit, we implemented a proper account structure and testing framework that significantly increased their revenue by 50% and doubled their MER from 4.31x to 8.79x.

We noticed that their return on investment was good but the way they had set up their funnels meant that improvements were going to be minimal. 

We went and restructured their old campaigns to fit in with our Fashion Growth Framework to start showing strong results from the get-go.

Using FS1, we targeted new customers to the point where 50% of their revenue was coming from new customers. We did this by creating lookalike audiences, as one example, and focused on growing their email list so that they could be nurtured and turned into repeat customers.

In terms of product testing, we used our own fashion knowledge backed by Izabel’s data and previous bestselling lines to put products into ad sets and work out what sales were generated via ads and if this translated into store sales. 

This stringent product testing framework allowed us to do proper warming of leads for a maximum amount of sales. 

We maintained regular contact with the client., As a result, we provided them with future rebuys for later in the season as they could rebuy the same lines within a 2-6 week turnaround. 

This also assisted us when we started scaling as we only used the best products to achieve maximum results.

Overall Results

Through product testing and running customised product sets in DPAs, we were able to achieve an MER of 8.79x compared to 4.31x the previous year. 

This was largely due to a 20% increase in Facebook ROAS and helping them grow their email list so they could reconvert new customers. At the same time, we were able to increase their AOV by 13% which further increased their ROI. 

As a result, we saw a 50% increase in revenue at a time when many other fashion eCommerce brands were struggling to achieve the same sort of numbers. 

Following us shifting our focus to new customers, we reduced the repeat customer rate by 25% while maintaining high sales. This was critical to the overall strategy as it meant brand new customers coming in who could then be re-engaged through marketing such as email and keep them purchasing with regularity.

Overall, Facebook conversion increased by 35% in 2022 compared to 2021, from 1.68% to 2.27%. This mostly came from new customers who were essential in growing the brand, attracted by our use of the most popular products in the store. 

In conclusion, Izabel had moving goals based on their year-on-year performance. We were able to reach these goals, and the strong MER showed how every aspect of the marketing strategy was in sync and the brand was able to maintain long-term growth.

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