OLYMPVS: 5.33x Growth In 5 Months


Men’s Athletic Fashion


Facebook & Instagram Ads

Growth Year on Year
90 %
Return On Advertising
3 x

The Brand

Olympvs specialises in technical casual wear tailored for muscular bodies. This creates the comfiest, most robust and best fitting clothes for athletic body shapes. 

What makes Olympvs unique is their dedication to supplying their customers with quality products such as their HYPERstetch fabrics that are perfect for movements you’d typically perform in the gym like squatting and jumping.

Olympvs was designed to be the ‘ultimate clothes for athletes’. So, from Crossfitters and rugby players to body builders, they were made for an active lifestyle.

By using benefit-driven copy and creative for this brand we were able to engage new customers and scale them by 533% in the first 5 months.

Their Goal

Olympvs was grown as a bootstrapped business and they used a very specific pre-order way of selling to validate products. This made it difficult for their previous agency to really scale the brand.
So, when Olympvs came to us, their goal was to grow and double the revenue that they had achieved the previous year.

“When we first took over the account we immediately identified areas that would help us achieve Olympvs’s goals.”


First of all, there was no proper creative testing system in place in the account or funnel setup in place. As a result, there was a lot of overlap in messaging and audiences.

Another key area was establishing a consistent strategy that communicated Olympvs’s core message, namely through copy and creative. After initial tests, we noticed that the core landing page stating the main benefits of what made them unique and why people should purchase from them was a key driver of interest in the brand due to its specificity.


From the start, we implemented our Fashion Growth Framework for rapid scale.

In conjunction with the Fashion Growth Framework, we began rapid creative testing so that we could fuel the funnel and find what generated the most interest and at which stage. 

This was also tied to relevant messaging for every stage of the buying process, which was aided by the key benefits highlighted by the main landing page.

Overall Results

Olympvs started with us in mid-January, with ads officially going live early February and once we implemented our Fashion Growth Framework we saw:

  • 533% growth in the first 5 months
  • Hit their record sales day and month while battling logistical issues due to COVID.
  • A 120% increase in sales for the year compared to the previous year.

The brand is now fully focused on continuing on this growth path and although there will be new challenges with regards to scaling the brand and achieving these figures we are now well-positioned to establish Olympvs as a major brand in the men’s activewear space.

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