Best Shopify Apps for Your eCommerce Store

When managing online stores it’s good to know what the best Shopify apps are so that you can give your eCommerce business the best chance of succeeding. There are a whole lot of Shopify apps to choose from, so it’s good to know which ones agencies like ourselves use and what they’re capable of. As […]

What makes TikTok ad creative different?

When getting started with TikTok ad creative, forget about everything you knew about creative and ads because this platform is entirely different.   Our main word of advice is and always will be:  DESIGN ADS FOR TIKTOK SPECIFICALLY. Seriously, we can’t stress this enough. It’s tried & tested. There’s a 95% chance your ads you made […]

LTV – Why it is the most important marketing metric


LTV or your CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value) is the most important metric for any fashion eCommerce business. The reason for this is that it gives a good indication of a brand’s current and future health. Internally we always say that the repeat customer rate (which is of course a big part of the customer lifetime […]

Text-based vs Creative Emails – What works better?


How do you create your emails?  Or, rather, what do you think of when you imagine an email?  Is it a neatly designed image-based email that is visually appealing, or is it a regular email that’s used for work comms or basic conversation?  Advertising today is intrinsically image and video-based.  Think Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and […]

4 Ways To Choose The Right Performance Agency

performance agency

For many growing brands and online stores, there comes a time when you would consider hiring a performance agency. There can be many reasons why you would do this, the most common one being a more hands-off approach.  This does not mean that you’re forgetting about your business. Rather, it means that you get experts […]

Review of Shopify’s eCommerce Trends for 2022

shopify 2022

Shopify has recently released its Future of Commerce Trend Report for 2022 in order to help marketers and brand owners navigate the ever-changing landscape of eCommerce. The 139-page report outlines what Shopify sees as becoming the future of eCommerce and includes recommendations regarding what anyone involved needs to be aware of. You can download the […]

Importance of Owning First-Party Data

first-party data

Your average retail store and company have migrated online today, and as they have they have started to own first-party data. As more people use online in their day-to-day lives, the question of privacy and data use has grown. More recently, companies such as Apple (link to iOS blog) and Google have introduced privacy measures […]

Klaviyo for Fashion eCommerce


Email marketing with Klaviyo, at its core, is essential to any eCommerce business. It allows online stores to reach a wider audience, nurture subscribers, and increase their overall revenue by 20%+. Being in the fashion eCommerce industry, it’s even more important to find a service provider that has the ability to provide you with the […]

Black Friday Fever: Black Friday Strategies

Black Friday is nearly here and we’re all, admittedly, gripped by Black Friday Fever, making a concerted effort to implement Black Friday strategies in the run-up to the big weekend. We understand how important it is to be prepared for Black Friday, to be able to deliver the best for our clients, so, we thought […]