Bella Ella Boutique

After Engaging Heavy Head Social for Facebook & Instagram Ads…
Increased their monthly sales by an average of 200%

Revenue Increase In 90 Days
$ 0.5 M
Record Sales Day
$ 10 k

About Client / Campaign

Bella Ella sell boutique dresses. They built their brand around hand-picked quality, exquisite comfort, and trend-setting styles.

To take their brand to the next level, we set up smart-funnels. Which allowed us to ramp up ad spend to $130k per month.

Problem / Goal

When they came to us they had 2 main problems:

  • They hit a ceiling with Facebook & Instagram ads
  • They spent too much time managing their ad account

Their goal was to double their sales. Which we smashed after only 7 months (generating $300k+ per month).

Opportunities We Discovered

Using the wrong account structure for ads. Able to generate OK sales spending low amounts, but couldn’t scale.

Using a single product only approach (makes things difficult due to sizing and stock). I.e. no collections.

Had wild monthly fluctuations in sales


4 Step Funnel

Generated consistent sales from retargeting and existing customers. To overcome the monthly and seasonal fluctuations.

Collections Ads

Created a mix of product ads and collection ads. Fixed stock issues. Allowed us to increase ad spend quite aggressively.

YouTube Retargeting

Added after the first $500k month. To diversify traffic.

Klaviyo Email Management

Increased revenue a further 30% with email marketing.

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