After Engaging Heavy Head Social for Facebook & Instagram Ads…
Sold $700k of product in 90 days

$ 0 k
10 x

About Client / Campaign

Norwegian brand Onepiece sell fashionable onesies. They’re pioneers of “slackerwear”. Their previous marketing efforts centered around influencers and celebs (Kim Kardashian rocked one)! 

They assumed paid ads would be unprofitable. But within two weeks we were pulling in daily sales of $5k-$6k (from Facebook and Instagram). Using multi-touch funnels, clever creative and building hype.

Problem / Goal

Their business was growing rapidly. They needed us to generate a 5x overall return from ads to support further expansion and current expenditure.

They had a bold goal of $100k per month from ads. Which is ambitious for a brand who never ran Facebook and Instagram ads before.

Their main traffic source before this point was celebrity collabs.

Venturing into paid ads seemed overwhelming and confusing. So they needed a partner to help navigate that world. While getting them industry defying returns.

Opportunities We Discovered

They didn’t have much data in the ad account.

Cold audiences were untouched. They’d only targeted warm audiences with retargeting.

No use of extensive split testing.

Untapped audiences in different countries.


Built 7 Funnels

Multi-touch funnels for different European languages, UK and US.

Budget Split

We split our budget for our cold audiences based on known conversions from retargeting.

Creative Testing System

The brand was already endorsed by celebrities. This gave us excellent material to work with and test.

Flash Sales

Used strategically during holidays. Generated big influxes of cash flow.

New Style Launches

Generated hype around new releases with presales.

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