CANDY COAT: 18x Improvement on Facebook Sales Year-on-year




Facebook & Instagram Ads

3 X
Return On Advertising
£ 100 k+
Store sales in under 3 months

About Client / Campaign

Candy Coat is a global nail beauty brand that was born on Instagram in 2015 with only 14 colours and no website. Their main goal was to connect with millennials and offer them a brand that could communicate with them on a personal level. Soon enough, they grew into a popular beauty brand within the 16-24 market in the UK. Through the use of social media and engaging ads, they soon started to grow rapidly.

Their main goal was that they were popular but needed to team up with an agency who knew how to scale them quickly while assisting them as they moved into international markets. We were familiar with scaling brands quickly, so it made sense to team up.

Problem / Goal

They came to us in late February 2020, wanting to scale sales in the UK and enter new markets such as the EU and the USA. Their issue was two-fold. Firstly, dominate their local market and secondly, enter into global markets who had no idea about who they were or what made them different from other nail beauty brands.

The best way to do this? Leverage Facebook and Instagram ads to increase awareness and overall market share.

“Candy Coat had big goals and wanted to grow quickly, using our knowledge of the beauty space.”


Candy Coat had big goals and wanted to grow quickly, using our knowledge of the beauty space.

We benefited from them having already done well with their Facebook sales, therefore we knew that they had the potential to scale fast. It was also a prime time for us to use our Fashion Growth Framework that had been effective for scaling similar brands in the past.

There is always a bigger opportunity when working with a brand that has a clear voice and strong branding. This is exactly what Candy Coat brought to the table, and so we worked with them to create even stronger creatives that could be used for ads. As a result, we were able to optimise the ads quickly and meet their goals.

It’s also important to note that having retail knowledge of stock amounts was important. One of the major factors that prevent a brand from scaling is that they don’t anticipate how rapid growth will affect their stock. Working together, we were able to constantly keep an eye on stock and not get too carried away.

It was also important to have experience of working in different international markets because something that has worked locally may not necessarily work overseas. Having backup plans and other learned strategies is always important.


Firstly, as with most brands at this level, we implemented our Fashion Growth Framework for rapid scaling by way of a segmented funnel approach.

We also worked with our Creative Team to make new ads using existing creatives that would talk to the client’s audience. These included Whatsapp-style ads that positioned Candy Coat as calling customers directly, increasing the level of personalisation.

To manage fast-selling products, we kept regular stock checks on bestsellers and any ads to ensure we swapped out ads quickly so as not to hamper performance.

Afterwards, we scaled the UK using our new funnels and brought in lots of new customers that turned into repeat buyers in FS4 (existing customers) as we often had 15-20x ROAS in this part of the funnel. Customer retention is crucial to any brand as it means multiple purchases from a single customer, and so this helped the brand grow massively.

For repeat buyers, we created lookalike audiences for the EU and USA. This helped us get those locations off to a good start in sales with positive ROAS for paid ads.

Overall Results

Since taking over, there was an 18x improvement on Facebook sales year-on-year, compared to what they had done the previous year.

After implementing our funnels, we saw a marked improvement in ROAS of 9.40x for Facebook. The level of such scaling allowed us to keep pushing on, scaling rapidly.

Finally, we had a record month in November 2020 on Facebook Sales with a ROAS of 7.04x

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