CARVED: 38% Increase in profitability IN 90 DAYS




Meta Ads

$ 180 k
Sales Increase In 90 Days
40 %
Increase In Hook Rate

The Brand

Carved embraces the artistry of handcrafting unique one-of-a-kind phone cases, chargers, and accessories. Each masterpiece is meticulously made from real and natural materials, wood burl and resin, in Indiana. No two cases are ever the same, ensuring every piece is an individual work of art.

Their Goal

When Carved came to HHS after working with different agencies and freelancers, their goal was clear. They had an excellent brand, and some amazing creatives but their ads were not as profitable as they could be. 

With their unique one-of-a-kind handmade products, meaning longer production times, their goal was not huge scale but instead slow sustainable growth with the main focus on increased profitability. 

Our challenge was set – to optimise their average monthly Meta ad spend of $60k while simultaneously increasing their profitability. For them, this meant taking their MER to a steady 4x and above. 

So we got to it! After auditing the account, we identified some real opportunities. Although the brand had some excellent content and videos, we immediately saw that most were not optimised for ads.

For example, there was a low hook rate in a lot of the videos running, and some intros were lengthy and dull and ideal for ads. Furthermore, we saw there were adjustments were needed in the account structure and the ad set budgets, with underperforming ads requiring prompt attention. 

The Strategy

Our strategy to get Carved to their goal was three-fold.

Ad Account Optimisation

As this would lead to some quick wins and we didn’t want to continue to waste the client’s ad spend we first corrected the ad account structure and optimised the spends. 

This consisted of us reorganising the account structure, optimising any promising ads, cutting any underperformers and identifying the ones who were wielding a low AOV…  e.g., we identified that a portion of their ad spend was going towards lower AOV items. We shifted that to their to higher-value core products which led to a boost in their Average Order Value (AOV), which we knew consequently would long-term increase their profitability on ads.

Creative Optimisation

The next important step was optimising their creatives for Meta. 

This involved editing and creating multiple new engaging intros to their videos to increase the hook rate. 

By working on this and testing and finding the best-performing intros we increased the video hook rate by an average of 48% (some by even 200%) leading to a significant increase in MER. 

Simultaneously, we optimised their static images for Meta so we could leverage their lower CPMs and in turn further help to optimise the ad spend further. 

The iPhone 15 Case Launch Strategy

With the launch of the new iPhone 15 approaching we knew we had a huge opportunity and so we began to build a robust strategy around the launch of their their new iPhone 15 cases. This consisted of the following: 

  • Building a warming strategy to establish a prominent presence in the minds of potential iPhone 15 buyers well in advance of their purchase decision.
    We positioned Carved as the first choice for iPhone 15 cases to anyone set to buy the new iPhone 15. 
    We did this by showcasing the brands unique features and design to potential buyer and used our ads and creatives to build suspense and excitement ahead of the launch and pre-sale.
    Additionally, we generated a list of potential buyers through lead gen campaigns and engagement ads focused on iPhone mobile users. Encouraging people to sign up to be notified when the cases were live. We then had this list to market to once the cases were released.


  • Coordinating the early release of their new cases to capitalise on the limited early competition observed through our research. We advised the client to do pre-sales and we used angles such as protect your investment before it arrives in ads, encouraging people to purchase a case in advance.


  • Ensuring we used what we have learned on the improved creatives and take this over into the creative delivery for this strategy to ensure similar positive result on the hook rate.
  • Having a solid plan to manage ad spends around stocks. Throughout the release, one of the key pieces lay in maintaining close communication with the client and dynamically managing budgets in line with their production/restocks for optimal results. We scaled strategically during peak times and promptly pulled back when needed to avoid unnecessary spending. In fact throughout our time together this has been one of the key factors in optimizing ad spend and in turn increasing profitability, especially during busy peaks like this release and during Black Friday. 

I’ve been working with Heavy Head Social for 2 months so far and the experience has been great. The team is very knowledgeable, quick responses to any questions, and extremely well organized. We ran out of stock on a Saturday, they saw this and reduced ad spend so we didn’t waste on Sunday which was really impressive. I’ve never worked with an agency who was so attentive

The Result

All of those efforts combined, resulted in us smashing our client’s goals and then some. Over the initial 3 months of working together, we hit an average of 5.5x MER, a whopping 37.5% over target. 

Seeing these results we were set to scale to the moon but of course, we curbed our urge and remembered our client’s goal, which meant prioritising a high MER over scale due to the unique production constraints associated with handmade Carved cases. 

And so, despite these positive stock challenges, we sufficed ourselves (😉) with a modest additional $200,000 in sales versus the previous year while increasing their MER and profitability well above target. 

Confident and pumped from the successful strategy and results of the iPhone 15 case launch we began to carefully plan our next big strategy… Black Friday. 

While the client believed that Black Friday would be a lot less relevant than the iPhone 15 case release, we were set to prove otherwise and Black Friday broke his record for highest sale in a single day that year by 33%

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