SHOPDENOA: 162% Growth year on year


Women’s Clothing


Facebook & Instagram Ads, Email & SMS Marketing

Increase in Email Marketing Revenue
25 %
Increase In SMS Marketing Revenue
10 %

About Client / Campaign

Founded in 2020, Shopdenoa is a brand created for the confident, bold, fashion-forward and independent woman. 

They are focused on authentic fashion with eye-catching party/club wear and birthday outfits, wardrobe staples, date night outfits, and trendy celeb-inspired looks.

Problem / Goal

Back in 2021, when Shopdenoa approached us they were mostly focused on organic growth and influencer marketing, naturally resulting in big revenue fluctuations from month-to-month. 

They had tentatively started running Facebook and Instagram ads (now Meta) & Email Marketing but didn’t have the time to work on the platforms while dealing with the day-to-day of running a business. 

Therefore, to to achieve exponential growth and properly manage the marketing side they knew they needed extra help.

Another challenge of theirs was to move away from being a “discount brand” that relied on sales, to becoming an established brand and store people used as their go-to for nights out and club fashion.

Now, in present day, after laying a foundation for bigger and better things, new goals have emerged. And with new goals come new problems to overcome.

While these are various, the clearest ones are continued top-line growth and increased profitability. And one way to achieve this was to continue to build the brand reputation so we could introduce higher AOV products and scale accordingly.

“To begin with, we knew that everything from the Facebook ad account to Email and SMS marketing needed to start from scratch.”


To begin with, we knew that everything from the Facebook ad account to Email and SMS marketing needed to start from scratch. This helped us align our goals with Shopdenoa to start slow and lay a strong foundation. 

This included applying proper segmentation of audiences in the Facebook account, moving into creative testing, and finding the right messaging for each stage of the funnel. 

With Email and SMS only barebones and basic in setup, without any voice or brand identity in the creatives and copy, we also had the uncommon but welcome opportunity to construct these channels from the bottom up while maintaining consistency with what we were doing on Instagram and Facebook. 

We knew that by leveraged these two channels we could increase overall revenue by at least 30-40% and aid our overall goal of scaling exponentially.


We started by clearing up any audience issues in their funnel setup and reached out to their target audiences in both the UK and US regions where demand was high.

Once we cleared up the audience issues the focus shifted to the type of messaging at different stages in the funnel and stringent creative testing to help people overcome their buying objections and offer a more personalised experience.

We knew by doing this that we could increase returning customer rates and eventually market higher AOV products to them that would help us to scale, which was eventually realised in 2023 where AOV was £62 pounds in January 2022 compared to £120 pounds in Jan 2023 and £129 in June 2023.

Due to working with influencers, there was a lot of content for us to use to create videos, slideshows, and DPA frames. To avoid common pitfalls such as creative fatigue, we continually tested different variations of winning creatives so that there was always something fresh to add in.

To help avoid performance fluctuations we integrated a Stock & Pre-Order Strategy to put more products on pre-order (especially bestsellers) to help offset the dips in ad performance when popular items are sold out. And made sure to only show in-stock items in our Dynamic ads.

Finally, we helped their SMS and Email marketing channels to fulfill their potential by creating structured email flows and implementing a monthly content calendar with campaigns that were both seasonally relevant and showcase everything the site had to offer. The campaigns were then mirrored on SMS. 

2023 has been the year where these channels have really taken off and we have seen record sales days and months for both since starting out.

Overall Results

After laying the foundations and eventually scaling by combining Facebook and Instagram ads, Email and SMS marketing our 2023 results have hit the record highs of:

  • 92% year-on-year increase in store sales from January to May.
  • 162% increase in store sales in March 2023 compared to 2022  from only 61% increase in ad spend compared to March 2022.
  • 115% increase year-on-year for SMS in March 2023, the highest month on SMS ever for the brand.
  • 160% increase in email marketing revenue from January to June compared to the same time in 2022.

For a long time in the partnership, the brand wanted to focus more on profitability and achieving consistent results/sales versus pushing to scale aggressively.

Once we consistently hit their MER target it gave us a solid basis of what works well and positioned us to focus on the next step of scaling with a strong foundation underlying it all.

This shows the value of a combined marketing strategy and how a multi-channel strategy offers many of our brands the best chance to succeed.

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