Sarah-Jane Collection

Engaged Heavy Head Social for Facebook & Instagram ads.
Increased Revenue by 550% in 90 days

ROI from Ads
0 X
revenue increase after 30 days
10 %
AOV increase
20 %

About Client / Campaign

The Sarah-Jane Collection is a modern brand for parents. Offering unique swimming products for babies and toddlers. 

The focus on this campaign was to set up proper funnels. To finally break through their revenue ceiling. 

We took revenue from $10k to $40k in 30 days (400% increase). Then further built on that success.

Problem / Goal

A freelancer managed her ads before she came to us. They were doing OK, but didn’t have proper ad account structure. Because of this it was impossible to scale up.

Her brand stalled for a few months in a row. Hitting a firm revenue ceiling. They weren’t moving her great products fast enough.

She wanted more. Her goals were:

  • A 7-figure business
  • To sell her products internationally

Opportunities We Discovered

Fixing the supply chain. Our ads were so successful they ran out of stock multiple times.

Some of their previous Facebook ads showed promise. But there were big overlaps and no proper funnel setup.

Expansion into the UK and US markets seemed viable.

The owner was able to create more winning products “on the fly”. Because we took ads off her plate.


4-Step eCommerce Accelerator

Targeted different buyers with unique messages and ads. Vital for multiplying revenue by 550% in 90 days.

Optimized Creative

Aggressively scaled winning ads (already in the account) and added video creative to the mix.

Created Upsells & Smart Bundles

Increased the Average Order Value by 50% with smart bundles and upsells.

Built Landing Pages

We built product-specific landing pages to get a higher conversion rate.

Validated US Market

Now on track for the first 7-figure year.

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